Kresign Cabinetry
From our expert woodworkers to our designers to the next person to walk through our showroomcdoor, we all matter. We have individual skills and understand clients' needs. When people matter, you create a positive workplace environment. Happy people work better, and care about doing a good job. In the end, it means a better experience for you, the person we do it all for.
Our Expertise
We’ve had a lot of time to learn how to refine our processes so you get maximum value for your dollar, whether you’re buying standard size cabinets or something custom.
Our Mission
Kresign has always been the company that customers turn to when they are looking for beautiful, affordable cabinetry. Whether it is the latest in kitchen trends, a bathroom to truly relax in, or a new twist on closets we can provide the look you want, the space-saving efficiency you need and a cost you can afford.
Our Responsibility
To provide quality Kresign Kitchens, individually designed, to enhance our customers' home environment in a professional and dependable manner at an affordable price.
Our Factory
Established in 1970 from a small garage of 1200 square feet to the present 55,000 square foot manufacturing facility with the latest in computerized machines and qualified, experienced staff members.
We provide professional CNC routing, cutting, and design services.
Our professional packaging services meet the high quality demands of our customers and support both quality and delivery on time
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Together we create your dream Kithcen!
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